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Metalcore Attack! #2 My City Burning, SWIMorDROWN + Support!

Zaterdag 09 november 2013


Dit jaar viert de Meester haar tweede editie van Metalcore Attack! Deze avond staat in het teken van stevige metal en harde breakdowns, met 3 bands uit heel het land belooft het heel wat te worden!


My City burning


Ever since their founding in 2006, MY CITY BURNING from Amsterdam has taken the European hardcore scene by storm. Even before releasing their first full-length, MCB’s healthy DIY ethic and furious live reputation didn't go unnoticed, landing them numerous high profile shows with well-established bands such as Machine Head, Hatebreed and Poison The Well.


Entombed Scars


Entombed Scars is a 5-piece band from the Netherlands, formed in 2011. The band was formed by vocalist Daniel and lead guitarist Leroy who started the band due to their passion for music. After a few changes in the line up of the band, Calvin came along. A little bit later, Vincent (rhythm guitar) and Connor (drums) joined the band. Besides the way the band members get along musically, they are also very good friends.
The band is proud to do everything themselves, including merch designs, booking shows, and recordings.
After writing music based on Hardcore, but with touches and influences from many different genres such as nu and black metal, deathcore, emotional and melodic hardcore and many others, the band has come to define itself as ''Experimental Hardcore''.
The band has recorded a demo in 2012 called I'm done. They also recorded a full-length album called Stand Alone, which will come out in 2013.



SWIMorDROWN is a five man, no nonsense, straight to your face, skull bashing hardcore band from the 0513 District. (Heerenveen-The Netherlands) They started April 2008, working on there line up influenced by great bands such as; Agnostic Front, Madball, TERROR, Born From Pain etc. After doing some brutal gigs they decided to record some songs. In may 2009 they recorded there first E.P. including 4 songs; H.C. State of mind, Backstabber, Brutal Truth and F.U.B.A.R. In August 2010 they recorded there first full lenght cd. With 12 new skull bashing hardcore songs! 
In 2012 they released there single "Hoesbusters", inspired by the theme song from the Ghostbusters.


My City Burning


Entombed Scars





Deur Open: 20:00 // Entree: € 3,50 // Belangrijk: 16+, neem je ID mee

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